Employment Hero: Engage. Employ. Retain.

Enjoy a smarter, more streamlined way to manage your SME’s workforce – from onboarding to efficiency. 

Manage all aspects of your HR department on one central dashboard.

HR Software Made by Humans

Employment Hero doesn’t reinvent the wheel. 
Instead, it adds what HR software on the market is currently missing. Onboard new staff online through an easy-to-use interface, manage your HR duties and simplify employee communications. Access real-time documentation, contracts, templates, and policies that keep your teams up-to-date


Payroll Software, but Better 

Cut down costs and time on managing your people with Employment Hero’s native payroll automation. With a Single Touch Payroll (STP) integration, you can take your workforce planning to the next level without having to juggle multiple solutions. 

Redefining the way you work.

Increase Performance and Productivity

When people feel empowered, they do amazing things. Give your employees clear and concise direction – develop set KPIs and build custom performance reviews that keep team progression and satisfaction trending upwards.


People-Driven Analytics

Understand what your staff want and maintain morale by making more intelligent decisions, all backed by data.


Embrace Wellbeing

An employer who cares is an employer everyone wants to work for. Help your people build strategic pathways for their mental, financial and physical needs. Provide support systems and expert advice, complete with valuable tools that give your staff ongoing guidance inside and outside work.


Why Choose PayCat?

Australia’s complex employment legislation means changes never stop, making it hard for businesses to keep up with the obligations. At Pay Cat, we simplify the process, keeping your operations fully compliant with relevant laws within your industry. 

From payroll to employee communications, we help you leverage the best payroll technology on the market. Maximise your workforce from start to finish through agile, cloud-based payroll management software now.