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With over 30+ years of extensive payroll and employment law experience, Pay Cat offers an extensive number of services to suit your unique requirements. Every business, modern award or EBA is unique.

That means this requires a bespoke service tailored to the needs of your business.

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Awards & Enterprise Agreements (EBA) Template Builds

Using cloud payroll software but need to find a way to match your modern award or EBA conditions and automate your payroll process?

We'll custom-build a template file that you can implement and run on your cloud payroll software to significantly reduce payroll processing time and costs. 


Employment Hero Payroll Implementation

Employment Hero Payroll is the most recommended and highly sought after cloud payroll solution in the market today. If you're considering Employment Hero Payroll, Pay Cat will assist you to implement all aspects of configuring and setting up all the way to go live pay runs.


Employment Hero Payroll Customisations & Integrations

Want to get more use out of Employment Hero Payroll? Many of our clients have unique requirements to extend the functionality of Employment Hero Payroll within their business. Whether you're looking for additional reporting or specific rules within your payroll process, we can assist you with customising this to your needs.


Outsourced Payroll Services

Cut your overhead costs and take your payroll needs to the next level with a team that handles all of the hard work for you. Let us manage your most crucial reporting and processing tasks, keeping your pay cycles on track and in line with your operations.