HR Advisory Services

Managing your team’s industrial awards, compliance, recruitment, and culture takes time away from operating your core business.

Trying to handle everything in-house becomes an endless juggling act. Gaps emerge in processes like payroll, contracts, and safety policies that quickly turn into headaches.

Pay Cat provides an experienced human resources partner to take this burden off your shoulders.


Outsource your HR to Industry Experts

With extensive experience, our HR advisory team provides tailored solutions to businesses across various industries, allowing you to outsource this function. We stay up-to-date with the latest HR legislation, guidelines, and best practices to ensure your business remains compliant.

Our HR advisors help companies manage their biggest asset - their people. Our solutions enable organisations to build positive workplace cultures, while efficiently managing recruitment, payroll, policies, performance management, etc.


By partnering with us, Pay Cat delivers you the ability to access high quality HR advice, without needing additional headcount. 

Backed by Effective HR, our experienced HR advisors become an extension of your team, providing guidance and support whenever you need it.


Priced For Your Workforce

1 - 50
$ 450.00
3 Hours
51 - 75
$ 750.00
5 Hours
76 - 150
$ 1500.00
10 Hours
151 - 300
$ 3000.00
20 Hours
$ 4200.00
28 Hours

Our HR Outsourcing Services

Pay Cat provides a comprehensive suite of HR services to simplify people management:

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NES & Modern Awards

Advice on how to be compliant with the NES and modern awards, including casual conversion, leave entitlements, and the Fair Work Information Statements.

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Employee Engagement

Advice on tools and frameworks you require to improve employee performance, employee underperformance, enhance productivity, and streamline staff offboarding.

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Advice on how to run an end-to-end recruitment process, including interview techniques, and how to identify red flags. 

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IR Compliance

Access advice on recent legislative updates, and how this affects you. 

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System Support

A HR professional will support you to get the most out of your HR software system and processes.

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Workplace Health & Safety

Advice on identifying and controlling workplace hazards, and workers' compensation claims.

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Advice on the process in the lead up to a termination, and how to terminate an employee to ensure compliance.  

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General HR

Increases, VEVO, psychometric testing

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Partner Help

If you need additional or hands-on support, then we have a partnership with Effective HR. 

Why Pay Cat?

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You’re at the heart of everything we do. Our HR advice is tailored to your business requirements.

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Our team of HR Advisors have extensive experience and knowledge across many industries. 

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Stress-Free HR

Outsourcing your HR to us will allow you to focus on operating your core business.

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Compliance Assured

We stay on top of regulations so our advice is up to date.

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On-Demand Support

Whenever you need HR help, our HR advisors are there as an extension of your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our HR advisors can help by determining appropriate awards and classifications for your roles.  If you need help to interpret clauses or identifying entitlements, our team can work through this with you.

Our HR advisors can talk you through the best way to draft and implement employment contracts, including all of the different employment types you may have in your organisation. This includes variations to contracts and advice on individual flexibility agreements.

Our HR advisors can explain the specific steps and options you have regarding all areas of performance management. This includes introducing performance improvement plans, the consequences of non-compliance, how to structure difficult conversations, and the risks associated with the options you have.